Welcome to Blu Mitten…

A Modern Capsule of “Whimsical and Edgy”
On-trend Fashion and Accessories for Girls 2T-14

Founded in 2015 for all the little girls with style and grace….For the mini mavens on a journey to conquer the fashion world with tutus and lace.. It’s for the many moms, dads, and countless reps who’ve found it difficult to find good quality, detailed staples that stand out and are suitable for their little girls…Clothing that not only looks and feels good but washes perfectly too!!! If that’s you, click no further…We got you covered!!!

At Blu Mitten we are committed to providing you with exceptional service followed by some sequins and a little glitter dust… Our unique designs and detailed pieces are inspired by all things girly! They often sparkle, sometimes shines, but always adds personality and character to your minis style. It’s fashion with a twist that creates the same confidence we possess when looking good! Not to mention, a girls self esteem!

Our mission and #1 goal at Blu Mitten is to always keep it clean and stylish. “Let them be little” is our motto! Words we stand by when sourcing leading childrens brands to curate our beautiful, timeless, sustainable, collections. Edgy fashion that’s perfect for your “Princess” everyday cuteness, birthday parties, holidays, or gifts… She is our focus, and here is where you’ll find us!